Peking Opera for the first time (Taipei - Taiwan)

Peking Opera for the first time

[ May, 2015 ] Our family holiday in Taiwan was very short, only two nights, so the schedule was very tight.

On the second night after dinner, we went to see Peking Opera in a theatre called TaipeiEye.

This was the first time for me to see Peking Opera.

The story was called Bottomless Pit, a part of the story of Monkey King.

The acrobatics were fantastic and the costumes and make-ups were fascinating.

There were translations on the both sides of the stage, so we could follow the story without any problems.

This theatre was orientated to tourists and there were lots of entertainment, too.

Before the performance, we could see the actors getting the make-up on and there was a live music of lute.

Also, we could wear the easy costumes to take photos.

And after the performance, we could take photos with the actors, too.

Some people may say that it spoils the real art, but as a tourist it was a very enjoyable time.

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