Massage and Shampoo

Massage and Shampoo

[ May, 2015 ] After the theatre, we went to a massage salon in Taipei.

A massage is one of the things to do in Taiwan and the reflexology is especially well regarded there.

I had it last time, but it was not for me because it only felt either ticklish or painful and I never enjoyed the moment.

This time, I was there just for my family.

When I looked at the menu, I found Taiwanese shampoo, so I tried it.

When I sat down on a chair, the member of staff put the shampoo directly on my head.

Then she started scratching my head.

After a while she made up my hair like a tower on top of my head and gestured that I should take a photo.

This was the highlight of the day.

It was a bit of fun.

Those who had massages were satisfied with the treatment, apart from one.

This one is the same as me and does not enjoy massages, but because other people recommended them to him in Taiwan, he chose the shortest 30 minute massage.

Apparently, all throughout, he had to bear the pain and unpleasantness, clenching his fists so that he did not raise his agonised voice.