Night Market is a Festival

Night Market is a Festival

[ May, 2015 ] On the first night in Taipei with my family, we went out to Shilin Night Market.

Mr.Kou, our guide, had scared us by saying “If you want to eat the food in the night market, you need Seirogan (Japanese Imodium)”.

W had been to one of these night markets the last time we came to Taiwan, so I was not so keen to go at first at first.

But Mr.Kou added that in the Shilin market, they sell not only food, but other things like bags, clothes, etc, so I was interested.

Shilin Night Market is the largest night market in Taipei and it was like a festival.

There was a game similar to Goldfish-scooping (a typical game at Japanese festivals), but they were scooping shrimps.

There were other games on the site, too.

Also, some fortune tellers were there, who could speak Japanese.

There were many shops outside of the market and they were also open and many people were enjoying shopping.

However, the goods they were selling were all cheap and pop, only for young people, so I came back to the hotel without buying anything, after enjoying the atmosphere.

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