Matchmaking Shrine

Matchmaking Shrine

[ May, 2015 ] The next place we went to in Taipei was a matchmaking shrine called Xia Hai Temple.

I just took some photos, thinking this tour was for young people and we did not need to pray here.

Probably because we did not show very much interest here, Mr.Kou, our guide, did not explain much.

However, when I looked it up on the internet, I found not only the matchmaking god, but other gods such as pregnancy, navigation, road safety and so on, are enshrined in this shrine.

There was a free tea there.

Apparently, this tea contains jujube and it has a meaning: “I hope I can become happy soon”.

Some of our family members tried this tea and said it was very sweet.

By the way, Mr.Kou said that the reason why all those gods in the Taiwanese shrine are black is because of the smoke from the incense sticks and they were not black originally.

The area of this shrine is a shopping district for dried foods.

They were selling dried mullet roe, too.

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