The tomb of the king with donkey ears

The tomb of the king with donkey ears

[August 2012] This photo is the tomb of King Midas, who is famous with his donkey ears.

I was very surprised to hear that King Midas really existed.

I had thought that this story of donkey ears was a mere fairly tale.

The second thing I was surprised was that ancient tombs are similar all over the world, not only in Japan.

Earlier this year in April, I was impressed to see the same kind of tombs in Korea.

By the way, I had totally forgotten why the ears of King Midas were donkey ears.

Apparently, when Pan challenged Apollo with music, Midas genuinely and honestly said that the music by Pan was better.

Apollo was so angry to hear that and made Midas’s ears into donkey’s.

Is this story teaching you ‘ if you cannot beat them, join them’? It fits perfectly to Japanese spirit of enterprise,doesn’t it.