We Found it was a Pebbled Beach

We Found it was a Pebbled Beach

[ May, 2015 ] We went up the sandbank, which connects the Isle of Portland and the mainland in Dorset, in the south of England.

It was an embankment that was quite high up from the road.

Although from afar, it looked like a sandy beach, when we approached, we found that it was in fact a pebbled beach.

According to our friends, the sizes of the pebbles are different depending on the part of the sandbank.

Some people were fishing at the beach and on the other side in the inland sea, many were enjoying kiteboarding.

By the way, in the Isle of Portland, rabbits are unlucky.

They do not seem to be sure about the origin, but at the quarry, immediately after a rabbit ran out of its burrow, a disaster, such as a rolling rock or a landslide would happen, they say.

Therefore, whenever someone saw a rabbit in the quarry, all the workers used to go back home for the day.

Even now, when someone mentions rabbits, some of the old local people would frown.