the threatening scene in Dartmoor National Park

the threatening scene in Dartmoor National Park
England-Devon-Dartmoor-Widecombe in the Moor-St Pancras-tower-sky
the tower of St Pancras sticking out to the sky

[ Aug.2019 ] The small town of Widecombe in the Moor in Dartmoor National Parl in Devon in south west England is a pretty place with the rows of stone houses.

In the centre of it stands St. Pancras church.

It is a magnificent church, though Widecombe was small, and within the church there is an ornament showing the legend that the seven drunks rode a horse and let the horse die.

After visiting this church which we had been four years ago, too. we all went to a restaurant called Cafe in the Green where our friend had booked the table for all of us.

I had a baguette sandwich with cheese and ham and this cheese was very heavy and extremely filling.

England-Devon-Dartmoor-Widecombe in the Moor-cemetery-view
peaceful view of Widecombe and surrounding area

After lunch, we headed for the place called Merrivale by cars, again one right behind another.

The roads were very narrow and they were often single lanes.

Every time when we faced a coming car, we or the other car had to go back to the point where the width of the road was large enough and wait.

It was weekend and there were quite many cars, so even though we were deep in the countryside, there were some traffic jams.

Finally we arrived and as soon as that, the weather changed suddenly and started raining very strongly.

England-Devon-Dartmoor-Merrivale-sky-cloud-field-a person
big sky of Merrivale

The umbrellas were no use because of the wind and we got wet badly.

Being wet, the first thing we saw here was Stone Row.

I had never seen Stone Row though we had seen stone circles.

Two rows of stones were drawing a straight line.

They think that it was made in the middle of Bronze Age (2500 – 1000 BC).

At the end there was a kerb and it is thought a burial of an important person.

England-Devon-Dartmoor-Merrivale-stone pillar-dark sky
outstanding stone pillar

Within Dartmoor there are at least 70 stone rows apparently.

Because of the rain, I could not take out my camera, so unfortunately there are no photos of the stone row.

We moved a little and found a small stone circle with the diameter of 18 metres.

The each stone looked small, but in fact that is because it was partly buried in the ground during the long time and the actual height of the stone is as high as a human height.

There is a legend that if you stand in the exact centre of the circle, the compass would not stay still.

One person in our group had the compass application on her mobile phone, so she tried, but it did not happen, which was a shame.

Right in the south of this circle, there was a stone pillar whose height was apparently about 3 metres.

Nobody seems to know what this is for, but at least they can say that this area had a spiritual importance for the people in those days.

As if to add the mysterious atmosphere, the black clouds spread low and the scene was rather threatening.