Be careful about cheap flight

Be careful about cheap flight

[ May, 2014 ] This is the picture of the statue of three legs symbol of Isle of Man in front of the airport.

The jouney in the island was very smooth, but at the end there was a small problem.

This time we used easyJet, a British cheap flight and they charge the check-in luggage.

The price could be as much as twice if you pay at the check-in counter, compared with the price of the time of booking.

We paid for two check-in luggage when we booked the flights and when we came over to the island, there were no problems.

But when we tried to check in on the way back, the staff said ” there is no evidence that you have paid for the luggage”.

I tried to find the email from the easyJet on my mobile phone, but I was in a hurry and could not find it.

He said “pay now and ask therefund to the company later”.

In that case, just in case of that the company would not accept my claim (claiming is always difficult), I decided to make two baggeges into one, so that we pay for just one baggage.

When I was working on that, the staff came up to us and said ” I found that this flight is full, so we accept your check-in luggage without any charge”.

So in the end, everything was fine, but I still feel somewhat unsatislied….

We fly at least three times a month, so nowadays we do not print the booking details anymore.

But when we take the cheap flight (which is not necessary cheap), we need to do that–I have taken that to heart.