A Village Called “Bad Rock”

A Village Called “Bad Rock”

[ Apr.2015 ] The rock in this photo is the reason for the name of the village, Kakopetria, in Cyprus, where we went during the tour.

Kako means ‘bad’ and Petria means ‘rock’.

Once upon a time, a newly married couple walked around this rock, following the customs in those days, when suddenly this rock started moving and killed the couple.

That is why it is the Bad Rock.

I liked this village the most among the places we went to in Cyprus.

There were old houses on both sides of a slope and it had a relaxing atmosphere.

An old woman in black called after us and guided us into a small church.

She gestured for us to light the candles, so we did and we listened to her explanation about this church without understanding anything.

It is a great memory.

We had lunch in this village.

Our guide said that the trout from the river here is their speciality, so we tried it.

Surely, it was firm and fresh.

The sauce was made from some citrus and it was an interesting sour taste.

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