Room With The View

Room With The View

[ Mar.2015 ] Because the hotel we had booked in Paphos in Cyprus was horrible, we had to look for another place.

I would have thought that we should go to the tourist office and ask them to fix us up, but here in Paphos there is no tourist office in the centre of the town.

We asked a few people, but nobody seemed to know if it was functioning or not.

So we thought of looking online and decided to go to the wifi area.

On the way, we happened to come across one hotel near the bus stop and asked if there was a room available.

In the end, we decided to stay in this hotel called Agapinor.

This one was another cheap hotel mainly for British tourists.

But the room was large and bright and above all, the view from the room was wonderful, so much so that we could forgive any other small problems.

The sunset looked different depending on the weather.

We looked at the view without ever getting bored.

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