Very good meat dishes

Very good meat dishes

[ Mar.2015 ] Another mistake we made regarding our Cyprus holiday was the guide book.

We bought a different kind from our usual one, and it was not easy to use.

On top of that, it was published a few years ago and the information was rather old.

So I was not expecting to find this restaurant listed in the book called Hondros, but we found it.

And it was the right choice.

Cyprus is an island country, but like Greek islands, their national foods are meat.

I ate the roasted piglet here, which was the speciality on the day and my husband chose the char-grilled chicken which was cooked in the garden as you can see in this photo.

Both were very tasty.

The Tsatsiki we had for the starter was milder than the ones we buy in supermarkets in the UK and it was so delicious that we ate a lot of bread.

The wall in the restaurant was full of pictures and writings. One of them said something like “We ate here every evening, which made our holiday wonderful”.

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