Purpose of Russian Tourists

Purpose of Russian Tourists

[ Apr.2015 ] There were two guides on our tour bus in Cyprus, one was for English speakers and the other for Russian and they gave us information alternately.

When we got off the bus, we separated into two groups and followed each guide.

I found that this was not only because of the languages, but that for the Russian tourists, getting blessing was the purpose of their trip.

At the next destination, which was Ayios Kyprianos Church in Menico Village, we saw them getting blessed by the priest, as you can see in this photo.

The priest put something like an apron on top of the believers’ heads and recited.

It seemed that Russian Orthodox and Cypriot Orthodox churches are linked fundamentally.

This church has got a long history, since the 13th century, but the frescoes inside were new.

According to our guide, these were painted by a Russian artist, though the iconostasis was made in 1818.

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