Simple Church Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage

Simple Church Listed in the UNESCO World Heritage

[ Apr.2015 ] The next place we went to on the ‘Round Trip’ tour in Cyprus was Panagia Podithou Church in Galata village, which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage.

You can see it pictured as the hut in the photo.

It is very different from the churches we have visited so far.

It was built in 1502 and it used to be a monastery.

Our guide said that they made a frame building around the original church.

Inside was very simple and it was cold.

Taking photos was not allowed, so I bought the post cards.

I looked it up on the internet and found the title in the World Heritage list is “Painted Churches in the Troodos Region” and 10 churches are included.

There seems more decorative churches full of frescoes and I wonder why this tour took us here and not to the others?

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