The Last Lunch and 300,000 Euros

The Last Lunch and 300,000 Euros

[ Apr.2015 ] After visiting the ruins in Paphos in Cyprus, it was the lunch time.

There were many seafood restaurants along the sea front and all of them were touting for business.

There was one called “Poseidon” with an upper floor from which the view would be nice.

So we went there and were surprised to see a big group of Chinese tourists, which we had not seen until then.

There was a smaller Japanese group, too, far away from the Chinese.

The staff were having a hectic time, so we left and went to another restaurant called “Pelican” and had a lovely quiet seafood lunch.

Talking about Chinese tourists, I have already said that there were too many adverts for investment in Paphos, but the ones written in Chinese seemed to be saying something about 300,000 euros.

So we asked a guide about it and he said that if a Chinese person invest 300,000 euros, he/she gets an EU resident visa.

A lot of Chinese people invest 300,000 euros in Cyprus so that their children can have an EU education cheaply and some other reasons.

They only invest and it seemed that not many Chinese people live there.

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