Beautiful patterns

Beautiful patterns

[ Sept.2006 ] In Delhi, India, we visited Red Fort built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1648, Jama Masjit mosque built by him, too, Raj Ghat ( Mahtma Gandhi memorial), India Gate which was built to commemorate Indian soldiers who fought in WW1, and so on.

I was impressed by the intricate patterns here and there in the Red Fort.

That was what I wanted to see in India.

Those patterns are even more intricate than Islamic patterns we see in Middle East.

It is a mystery how those chaotic world of Delhi could produce these masterpieces.

In the site of the Fort it was quiet, totally cut from the bustle outside and we saw squirrels running around in the garden.

I cannot remember Gandhi memorial place very well, but remember our guide said “Gandhi is overrated in the West”.