Ceremony at the border

Ceremony at the border

[ Sept.2006 ] After arriving at Amritsar in India by train, we went to see a ceremony at a border village called Wagah.

The other side is Pakistan.

This crest in this photo is a part of the uniform of Indian border guard.

It was a great merrymaking under the sauna like air with tens of thousands of people.

A man with a microphone called out and the crowd answered enthusiastically.

I saw some people dancing, too.

The name of this ceremony was “lowering of the flags” and astonishingly, it is held every day! They looked too excited for that.

I noticed that in the pakistan side, men and women were sitting separately.

The border guards showed their march with a funny walking style, and raised and lowered the flags to finish the show.

And then the heavy sun set on the Pakistan side.

This is the place where the suiside attack took place earlier this month (Nov.2014) and killed more than 60 people.

The incident happened just after this ceremony in the Pakistan side.

When I was there, it was just a fun event.

It is so sad.