Sunset at Ipanema (Rio De Janeiro - Brazil)

Sunset at Ipanema

[ Jan.2016 ] In the evening, we went out to the famous Ipanema beach in Rio de Janeiro to see the sunset.

On Ipanema beach, if you stand facing the sea, you can see a cape far on your left.

Here is the special place to see the sunset, apparently.

I could see that many people were already gathering there, when we arrived on the beach.

We did not go all the way there and were satisfied by the sunset which we saw from the beach.

There were so many local people bathing there.

On the promenade, a heavy metal band was playing.

It was an interesting mismatch, I thought, as Ipanema is famous for the Bossa Nova.

The band was very good, so we listened to them for a while, drinking the Spritz bought by the road.

By the way, we came here by metro which was very modern.

I was surprised to see that there was a women-only passenger carriage like in Japan.

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