Taste of coconut

Taste of coconut

[ Jan.2016 ] We had our last dinner in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,  in our tour leader’s favourite restaurant.

It was a bit of a walk from Ipanema beach and I think it was called Adega do Cesare.

What we ate here was a Brazilian dish, a kind of fish stew.

The sauce had the taste of coconut and at first I was not sure, but once I got used to it, I liked it and added more sauce.

But the orange powdery stuff which was served together was not for me.

I am not sure but it could have been Farofa, the powder of Cassava.

We tried Brazilian wine, too, which we do not see so often.

It was OK.

On the way back, we walked to see the night market on Copacabana.

The market was not so special, but the beach at night had a nice atmosphere.

And we popped in to an ice cream shop near the hotel.

The salted caramel ice cream was my dessert on that evening.

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