Enjoyed the town of Paraty

Enjoyed the town of Paraty

[ Jan.2016 ] On the next day, a boat trip from Paraty for swimming was planned.

But I could not sleep at all that night and my stomach was not particularly good, so we stayed in the town and took it easy.

This tour was very busy, two nights at a place, so maybe I was tired.

But I was happy just walking around this picturesque town and taking many photos.

Paraty flourished during the 17th century gold rush as a port to ship the gold to Rio de Janeiro.

After that, the pattern of prosperity followed by decline repeated a few times and then it established as a tourist destination.

It is listed in the World Heritage of UNESCO.

When we went to the pier, we saw many colourful boats.

An old man who owned a small boat offered us to take to a nice beach.

I was tempted, but we could not communicate well enough to arrange the details, so we had to give up, which was a shame.

At lunch time, we went to an Italian restaurant called Punto di Vino.

I ordered scallops and they served 14 of them.

They were very good, but I could not eat all and had to leave three of them.

The oven cooked vegetables were very good, too.

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