Cathedral where the Pope used to be

Cathedral where the Pope used to be

[ Jan.2016 ] The current Pope is from Argentina.

Before he became the Pope in 2013, he was the archbishop of the cathedral in Buenos Aires.

We visited this cathedral.

The outside was like a museum, but inside was magnificent.

According to our local guide, Jeremy, the archbishop used the public transport to commute and he used to buy the newspaper from a stand nearby.

When he was chosen as the Pope, he phoned this stand and said ” I am chosen to be the Pope, so you do not need to keep the newspaper for me from tomorrow”.

I wonder if this story is true.

It might be, as the current Pope is so down-to-earth and friendly.

There was a mausoleum of General Jose de San Martin in the cathedral.

We happened to be able to see the ceremony of changing of the guards.

San Martin is the person who contributed to the independence of three countries in the South America.

There were statues representing Argentina, Chile and Peru.

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