Crossing the border by local bus

Crossing the border by local bus

[ Dec.2015 ] On the next day, we crossed the border to Argentina by local bus which we took from the small bus station in Puerto Varas in Chile.

First, we had the Chilean passport control.

All of us were ordered to stand in a queue next to the bus and then we marched like prisoners.

The procedure was smooth though.

After that, we drove over a mountain.

The actual border seemed to be on the mountain.

Many of the trees in this mountain have not come back to life after the eruption of Puyehue Volcano in 2011.

So the view was rather bleak although the background was the lovely blue sky.

After crossing the mountain, there was the Argentinian passport control.

This side was rather messy.

After controlling our passports, they needed to check our luggage, but they did not check my camera and because the queue of the waiting cars were so long, they omitted checking our suitcases.

It was rather random control.

Chile and Argentina are next to each other, but I felt that the national characters are very different.

I nearly forgot, but before reaching the actual control in Chile, in the bus, the bus conductor checked our passports.

And an American couple was ordered to get off the bus at one stop, because they had lost the paper which we all received when we entered the country.

Because of this incident, the bus was delayed a lot.

We all must be very careful not to lose this paper when we travel in Chile as it seems very important.