Sky Costanera

Sky Costanera

[ Dec.2015 ] We were able to walk to the Costanera Center in Santiago, Chile from our hotel.

It is also called Grand Torre.

The building reminded me of The Shard in London.

The height is 300 metres and it is apparently the tallest building in Latin America and the second tallest in the Southern Hemisphere.

6 floors in this building make up the shopping centre and there are some offices and hotels, too.

But our purpose was the view point on top called Sky Costanera.

It has been only a few months since it opened to public.

The 61st and 62nd floors are observatory and the 62nd floor of 261 metres high has the roof of heaven.

Of course the view was fantastic.

There were not so many people there, maybe because it was Monday, so we could relax there.

To go up there, you have to pay 5000 pesos ( about 5 pounds, 6.5 euros) from Monday to Thursday and 8000 pesos for the weekends.

The shopping centre downstairs were very crowded.

The shops there were very similar to the ones in London, such as H&M and TopShop, so it did not look so different from Westfield in London.

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