Where to stay in Santiago, capital of Chile

Where to stay in Santiago, capital of Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile is a truly surprising city. Sophisticated but at the same time full of energy, it is a cosmopolitan city in which each area has its own special and unique atmosphere.

When planning a trip to this destination, it is worth bearing in mind that the majority of the hotels and hostels, as well as the restaurants and main tourist attractions, are concentrated along the Line 1 of the subway (the “red” line).

Here is a list of 4 areas where you can stay in the Chilean capital:

The centre of the capital of Chile

This is where most of the city’s main cultural attractions are located: the presidential palace, La Moneta, various different museums and the Lastarria Quarter, a lively area from a cultural point of view whether that be for gastronomy or tourism and which is considered to be a “typical neighbourhood” since 1997.

During the day it can become quite crowded and it is sensible to be on the alert for possible thefts. However, it also offers certain advantages, first of which is the fact that there is a greater availability of more economical accommodation compared to other parts of the Chilean capital.

This area is on the subway’s Line 1 from the Baquedano to the stop at San Pablo which covers the whole area of the city centre.


In this part of the city, the atmosphere is young and vibrant and the night-life can carry on until the early hours of the morning. This is one of the reasons why this area is considered to be somewhat safer than the city centre.

In addition to hotels, there is no lack of bars and restaurants and with the subway it is possible to easily reach one of the unmissable destinations for those who want to enjoy the night-life on offer in the Chilean capital, Patio Bellavista.

Staying in this area is a cheaper option and if you look carefully, it is possible to find accommodation that is suitable for families or groups on a tight budget, for example, in an apart-hotel.

This area of Santiago is also served by the subway’s Line 1 (between Tobalaba and Baquedano stations).

Las Condes

This is a more modern neighbourhood and is also home to Chile’s financial district.

Frequented by more wealthy visitors, in addition to the 5 Star hotels, there are also apart-hotels available which offer more competitive pricing when it comes to overnight rates.

The subway’s Line 1 also serves this area of the capital of Chile stretching from the station at Tobalaba as far as the station of Los Dominicos.

Vitacura residential area of the capital of Chile

This is a residential area of the Capital of Chile that is inhabited mainly by the Chilean upper classes. In general, this is not an area that is chosen by tourists who are staying in the city overnight.

Nevertheless, there are also a variety of options here with regard to accommodation as well as up-market restaurants, the Bicentenario Park (the perfect spot in which to while away the time during the hottest months of the year), Alonso de Córdova avenue with its luxurious shops and different places of cultural interest, the Museo de la Moda (the Fashion Museum), the art gallery La Sala and the President Pinochet Museum.

However, this area does have one disadvantage in that it does not have access to the subway network.