The oldest house in Kolding (Kolding - Denmark)

The oldest house in Kolding

[August 2012] This is a photo of the oldest house in Kolding in Denmark build in 1589.

It was lovely with orange colour and a bit leaned.

They sell the model of this house and we bought one.

House models are a part of my travelling collection.

One day, I would like to show you…

A market from many countries in Europe was being held in Kolding.

There was an English booth and I went to look to see what they sold, and found that they were selling some kind of perfume with the photo of Royal couple, a bit doggy…

I do not other places in Denmark, but in Kolding, they close shops at 2:30 pm on Saturdays.

When we came out from lunch, the town was so quiet and totally different atmosphere from the morning.

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