[ Dec.2015 ] Our new year’s eve dinner finally started at around 10pm in Bariloche in Argentina.

The restaurant was called Jauja and this was the one which our tour leader’s favourite ice cream shop started recently.

On that day, they had just one set menu and we could drink wine as much as we wanted.

The starter was Vitello Tonnato which we often eat in Italy.

It is the boiled calf with tuna sauce and tasted familiar.

The main course was lamb as you can see in the photo.

Some vegetables which I could not tell which they were were wrapped by the meat.

It tasted good, but it was very heavy.

So much so that I could not finish our dessert which was pear and ice cream.

The quality of the wine was good.

But unfortunately the amount we could drink was limited, so in the end we drank just one bottle among us as usual.

Towards midnight, they served glasses of champagne and at midnight, we toasted with everyone.

There were some young children there.

I noticed one very pretty girl.

And her brother with spectacles who was about 4 years old came up to me and we toasted with his glass of water, and then he gave me some m&m chocolate which he had in his little hand.

I thought the New Year would be a good one, too.

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