National stone of Argentina

National stone of Argentina

The things I was looking forward to in Argentina was not only meat, but also the pink gemstone called Rhodochrosite.

It is also called Inca Rose, national stone of Argentina.

Many of them have white lines on the pink background, but the ones with no white and dark pink colour are high quality.

More white lines means that it is from the outer part of the gemstone.

I had looked up on the internet and found some jewellery shops, so our tour leader took me to one of them in Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately we did not have much time, so I could not check everything there, but I found one ring with fairly big dark pink stone, so I bought it, though it was a bit expensive.

The shop was in Florida Street, one of the busiest streets in the city.

Later, we saw this stone many times in shops and in craft markets.

They call it national stone of Argentina.

By the way, there were many black market money exchangers in Florida Street.

Recently the government changed in Argentina, and the advantage of exchanging money in the black market became small, they said.

But still, the rate seemed a little better in the black market.

[ Jan.2016 ]