Clock tower and people (St Albans - England)

Clock tower and people

[ Mar.2015 ] The clock tower in St Albans, a town north of London was built between 1403 and 1412.

It is a bell tower and the bell has survived over 600 years, telling the hour.

It rang for the Curfew until 1863 and also gave the alarms in some occasions.

We had lunch in a restaurant near the tower.

The place was crowded with families as it was a weekend and the first thing I noticed was that they were almost all white people.

St Albans is only 20 minutes away by train from London where it is the melting pot of all races.

Probably most of the people here commute to London.

Especially because the transport system is good from here to the City where the wealth is centralised, they can be the rich ones.

If you go further to the north about 15 minutes by train, you will reach Luton where great many people are Muslims.

And when we were on the bus on the same day in London, we found some streets full of Indian people, so much so that we wanted ask where this is.

Nobody instructs us where to live, but as they say birds of the feather flock together, naturally the segregation seems to be happening.

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