Island of people

Island of people

[ May, 2014 ] When I told my mum that we were going to Isle of Man, she said ” An island of male? I want to go there, too”.

But “man” in English has also a meaning of “human being”.

The best thing in this island is people there.

This is a photo of a cafe in a small market and the reason why we went there was because of a middle aged woman we met at the bus stop in Douglas, the capital.

When we were looking at the timetable for the bus to Peel, she talked to us, saying “You’d better take the bus from the other bus stop to go to Peel.

The view on the way is very nice”.

And when we found that we had some time for that bus, she said “You can have a cup of tea there.

I can take you there” and took us all the way to this cafe.

She was not only one.

The taxi driver was very kind to help us plan our itinerary and even the shop assistant in a chain shop was very polite and looked and found things we wanted, which is impossible in London.

An English person who has been living here for 12 and a half years said ” People here are all nice.

I have never had any bad experience here”.

I am convinced.

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