Meal at Piraeus Port

Meal at Piraeus Port

[Aug. 2023] A friend of ours came back from visiting the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece, and we went out together to a restaurant in Piraeus Port.

My husband found this restaurant online and we headed there because it was supposed to be open, but it was actually closed.

fishing boats moored at Mikrolimano, the fishing port in Piraeus Port, Greece
the fishing boats at Mikrolimano

This is a common story, not just in Greece.

The taxi driver who took us here was a nice guy, and when he realized we weren’t getting off, he started giving us a little sightseeing information.

There are three ports in Piraeus, and the larger one is state-run, where large ferries go to remote islands, and it’s not pretty (we once took an overnight ferry to Crete).

The second is a harbour where private yachts are moored, and the third is a fishing port.

Apparently this fishing port has the best view, and we were taken there, him saying, “There’s a restaurant with a great view.” .

This talkative driver was from the southern tip of the Peloponnese.

the octopus dish at a restaurant at Mikrolimano at Piraeus Port
octopus starter

Apparently he has a big villa there.

His wife is from Crete.

He said they would take turns going on holidays, one year to the Peloponnese and the next year to Crete.

The restaurant we were taken to was called Zorbas Mikrolimano.

Mikrolimano seems to mean this fishing port.

I thought the driver was getting a commission from this restaurant, but it didn’t seem like that, as he dropped us off and quickly drove off.

The restaurant is on the first floor, where you can definitely see the port, and it feels a little posh.

the squid ink risotto at the restaurant at Mikrolimano at Piraeus Port, Greece
very nice squid ink risotto

Perhaps because it was late, it was empty and was served by four older waiters.

One of them spoke a little Japanese.

In the past, Japanese people often came here. Nowadays, it’s mostly Chinese people.” he said.

For starters, the three of us shared two dishes: a Greek salad and a bit of octopus on some kind of base.

The Greek salad had lots of hard, dark brown bread in it, which was slightly sweet and delicious.

My main dish was squid ink risotto with mussels.

The green onions were chopped and mixed in, which lightened the flavour.

the dessert at the restaurant at Mikrolimano at Piraeus Port, Greece
sweet watermelon

My husband had spinach risotto with sea bass, which was nice and light.

My friend had the seafood lasagna, which tasted good, but the pasta was overcooked apparently.

And we had 1 bottle of house wine and 2 bottles of water.

After the watermelon and melon dessert were served automatically, we were served an extremely sweet liqueur, which they called limoncello.

My friend paid for this meal, so I don’t know the price, but I think it was quite expensive because it was a posh restaurant.

After dinner, we had a walk around the port.

houses surrounding Mikrolimano, the fishing port within Piraeus Port, Greece
houses built around the port

Unfortunately the photos are not very good because the sun has gone into the clouds.

The houses in the inland areas, like those in the city of Athens, were built in cramped conditions.