Although I couldn’t enjoy the cluttered scenery

Although I couldn’t enjoy the cluttered scenery

[Sept. 2023] The last meal of our summer holiday in Greece was at a restaurant called Athenas Cook in Athens.

As usual, this is the restaurant that my husband found online.

the houses in Athens are so close to each other
Athens looks so cluttered

I was told that this area is the centre of the town, but it is still very cluttered.

There were a lot of questionable Japanese restaurants, as well as Asian restaurants.

Among them, the restaurant we went to was sophisticated.

Due to the table we sat at, my husband was able to see inside the restaurant, but I ended up looking at the outside view.

It was a cluttered town with a bad air, and I felt that it was a town I wouldn’t want to stay in for too long.

Our friend who didn’t come to this restaurant with us said it was “similar to Taiwan“.

inside of Athenas Cook, a restaurant in Athens, Greece
what my husband was looking at

By the way, this friend apparently went to an Asian noodle restaurant by herself for the meal.

It seems that not only she, but many of our Japanese friends get hungry for “soy sauce-based flavours” after staying overseas in non-Asian countries for a long time, and many of them go out to eat Asian food at least once during their holidays or business trips.

For some reason, I don’t have that desire.

This is a long introduction, but what we ate here was a Cretan salad as a starter, and my husband and I shared honey-grilled pork and beef souvlaki as main dishes.

the pork dish at Athenas Cook, a restaurant in Athens in Greece
delicious pork with excellent potatoes

I ate the very good pork take-away the day before, and I couldn’t forget it, so I had to eat it again, but the pork here was even more moist.

The mustard sauce was a little too light, but it was still delicious.

Furthermore, as the Italians who posted on TripAdvisor said, the fried potato served as a side dish is a masterpiece.

I don’t usually like thick fries, but these had good seasoning.

The cheesecake I had for dessert was even sweeter than the one we buy at Waitrose (a British supermarket).

cheesecake at Athenas Cook, a restaurant in Athens, Greece
very sweet cheesecake

It wasn’t bad though.

Including my husband’s ice cream and a bottle of red wine, the bill was €85.80.

Finally, Mastika was served.

This drink tastes like tobacco to me.

I felt like my stomach was about to burst.

Despite the scenery, it was a very satisfying meal.