Eyes of Sibiu

Eyes of Sibiu

[ Apr.2014 ] When I visited Sibiu in Romania 9 years ago, the town was under renovation work.

They were preparing for 2007 when this town was European Capital of Culture.

That time and this time, the most noticeable thing in Sibiu was the eyes on the roofs.

They were apparently made for ventilation of the lofts, but they looked exactly like eyes.

The big house had about 5 eyes and it was a bit scary.

Unfortunately we had heavy rain on the day and the walking around the town was not easy, so we spent our time in Brukenthal Museum.

Our friend had booked a guide there for us and he was an eccentric man.

He was a professor (people called him that) with degrees of history, theology and philology, but talked as if he was talking to himself, so it was difficult to understand.

His wife was German origin and he seemed good at German rather than English.

According to him, there are some people  who speak German here even now, and their German is similar to the ones that people in Luxemburg speak.

By the way, the fee for the photography of this museum was 120 lei (about 30 euros), so I did not take any in the museum.

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