Ceausescu and the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

Ceausescu and the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest

This Palace of Parliament in Bucharest is said to be the second largest building in the world, after the Pentagon in the USA.

It was built in 1984 by then President, Ceausescu, but it is not completed yet.

I went inside the building 9 years ago, when I visited Romania first time, but all I remember now is that it was huge and the guide talked about the weight of a chandelier or the size of a carpet and so on, but it was not particularly beautiful.

Currently the Senate is in.

By the way, according to our friends, the person who had the real power in 1980’s was not Ceausescu, but his wife Elena.

This couple was shot dead in front of people from all over the world in 1989, but apparently there is a rumour that this execution was a sham.

Our friend said “I saw a programme on TV that they dug their grave and found the bodies were not there.

This couple could be living happily in China”.

Disappearance of the body from the grave sounds exactly like Dracula, doesn’t it.

[ Apr.2014 ]