Palace of Gipsy

Palace of Gipsy

When you are travelling in Romania, you will sometimes come across this kind of decorative houses.

They are houses of Gipsy.

They usually have a lot of children and in this palace, about 20 people live.

According to our friends, their main work is selling metal scrap or some metal works, but ” they go abroad and save money by stealing or prostitution to build this kind of house”, too.

Gipsy is often called Roma, or Romani and that is how they call themselves.

Nothing to do with Romania or Rome in Italy and Romani means ‘people’ apparently.

The number of Gipsies in Romania is said 620,000 or 1,850,000, but ” they often do not register their children, so it is impossible to know the number exactly”.

When they go abroad, they get Romanian passports and they are called Romani, which is similar to Romanian, so “they often mix Romanians and Gipsies in abroad, which is annoying for us” our friends said.

They said that there are cases that Romanians and Gipsies live in one village, but they do not get on with each other.

[ Apr.2014 ]