Place de la Bourse (Bordeaux - France)

Place de la Bourse

[ May2016 ] The most popular tourist attraction in Bordeaux in France is Place de la Bourse. It is a square made in the 18th century and it is important because by making this square opened up the city to the river where they transported wines. But the reason why it is popular is the huge slab with water across the road towards the river. It was made in 2006 and it is apparently as large as 3450 square metres. The depth of the water is 2cm and that makes the Water Mirror and the buildings of the square reflect here, which is spectacular. I had seen many photos of this scene and I was looking forward to taking some for myself, but because of the wind, there were ripples and the reflections were not so clear unfortunately. We wanted to see the night view, too, but it was too cold as a May day for us to wait until it got dark.

When we passed there next day, the slab of water was in a mist. I do not know how it is made, but this is another aspect of this attraction. The misty moment and the mirror moment comes alternately. We noticed a young girl was watching the surface of the water being so fascinated.

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