Visit the winery (Medoc - France)

Visit the winery

[ May2016 ] After seeing Medoc Fort in France, we went to a winery by bus, our main purpoise of the tour. The winery, or Chateau we went was La Tour Carnet. This winery has the history since the early Middle Ages, but since 1999 it is owned by Bernard Magrez who has more than 40 wineries in the world. He became rich because of his successful spirits business. As you can see in the photo, there was a castle like building in the site. The local guide said “In Bordeaux, wineries are called Chateau, but usually there is not a castle. But here, we have a castle”. It used to be a grand building, but during the Hundred Years’ War, people here supported English side, so after French won, the most part of the castle was destroyed by French.  Currently they rent this castle as a B&B to the public. We asked and found that they charge €200 – 250 per night, which we thought is not too expensive.

After the explanation of wine making, we tasted their wine. We tried two kinds, but to be honest, I was not moved very much. And they did not try to sell, either. According to our tour guide, apparently year 2009 was the good year for wine, and most of the 2009 wines are good. 2010 and 2012 are OK, but 2011 was bad, she said.

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