The last chaos (Delhi - India)

The last chaos

[ Sept.2006 ] This is a photo I took in a town where we stopped after lunch for petrol.

I do not know where exactly this was or even its name.

Until around here, the returning journey was smooth, but when we arrived in Delhi by train just before 10pm, the chaos started.

Because our bus could not park next to the station, we had to cross not fewer than 20 tracks on foot in the dark.

We were not only ones crossing the tracks, but there were many people like luggage carriers were walking.

One point we had to stand and wait for a long train which had at least 30 cars to pass.

I think it was very dangerous situation, but the guide’s apology was not particularly sincere.

Perhaps this kind of happening was an everyday incident in India.

Thinking about it now, it was a surreal world.

By the way, after coming back from India, I had a stomach problem for a while, though I was very careful about what I ate during the tour, as I do not like Indian curry.

That was the famous Delhi Belly, which you never be able to avoid when you travel in India.

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