We arrived at night

We arrived at night

[ Oct.2014 ] We visited a small part of Tuscany with a couple of our friends this autumn.

The first destination was Arezzo.

When we finally arrived, it was already dark.

This is the main problem of holiday in Autumn and Winter.

We dropped our luggage at the hotel and went streight to our favourite restaurant, Torre di Gnicche.

This time my main dish which was a roasted pork was a bit salty, but ribollita which we took as a starter was very nice.

This is a Tuscany’s local dish, but it tasted very noistalgic for me and my Japanese friend.

It is like a Japanese dish called Ojiya, though there was bread in it instead of rice.

It was the day of Halloween and the town was full of people in costumes.

It is a festival which came from USA, but Italian people were already familiar with dressing up in costumes because of their own Carnivals, so they seemed to have taken this event into their culture very easily.

Even Arezzo, whose population is fewer than 100000, the feeling of the festival were running high.

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