Island of ruin

Island of ruin

[ Sept.2013 ] On the last day of our holiday, we had plenty of time before our flight, so we joined the tour to Delos.

Delos is the sacred island where Apollo and Artemis were born and whole island is the ruin.

Nobody lives here.

Apart from the people who work on the excavation, no one can stay overnight.

But in the ancient time, this place was flourished as a centre of commerce.

They think that people lived here since 3000 BC.

The ruins are mainly religious facilities and residential houses of wealthy merchants.

The guide who explained these were a young woman.

She repeated important things a few times so that we understood them, but her explanation was rather stale, so to be honest, I do not remember most of them.

I really think that what makes ruins interesting or not is up to the guide.

By the way, the islands we travelled this time is called Cyclades Islands, which means the islands surrounding Delos.

So Delos is the important core island.

We had a long free time in the island, so we had a glass of orange juice at the only cafe in the island, which cost €6! This cafe is the absolute monopoly, so they can do whatever they want…