The restaurant in front of us

The restaurant in front of us

[Sept. 2023] There was a restaurant right across from the Airbnb in Nafplio, Greece, where we were staying.

moussaka of Karima Kastro, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
according to him, there is only one type of moussaka

But since it was too close and we didn’t know its reputation, we didn’t get attracted to it.

However, the owner of the Airbnb advised us, “It’s pretty good there.”

So, we decided to go there that afternoon.

I forget why our friend didn’t join, but it was just me and my husband.

The name of the restaurant is Karima Kastro.

We were served by a waiter who was chubby but had a cute, well-made face.

As usual, Greek salad was our starter.

When my husband ordered, he said “one to share,” and the waiter responded, “Salads are meant to be shared.”

lamb souvlaki at Karima Kastro, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
souvlaki with the lovely salad

Also, when my husband ordered moussaka, which he had always wanted to try, he asked the waiter what kind of moussakas they had, and he answered, “There’s only one type of moussaka. Moussaka doesn’t have an S in the plural.”

Not only was he cute, but he seemed to be opinionated about the restaurant’s cuisine, which made it a lot of fun.

There was a reason why my husband asked about the kind of moussakas, because we had seen a dish called “seafood moussaka” on the menu at another restaurant we had been to the other day.

A typical moussaka is basically made of minced meat, aubergine, and béchamel sauce, and is very similar to Italian Parmigiana.

The main point was the taste and it seemed to be excellent, and my husband looked satisfied.

inside Karima Kastro, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
empty for lunch but full in the evening

I had the lamb souvlaki.

The meat was just good, but the cabbage salad that came with it was refreshing and delicious.

This came with fries and was very filling.

With the above and one bottle of wine, the bill was €61.50.

It was certainly a pretty good restaurant.

There weren’t many people inside when we went for lunch, but when we passed by during dinner, it was always crowded, especially at the tables outside, so it seemed to be a popular restaurant.