The last feast

The last feast

[ Sept.2013 ] This is the photo of my last feast which I had before leaving Mykonos.

Because it was the last meal in the holiday, we wanted a good one, though it might be a bit expensive.

So we shopped around.

At first we went to the sea front where the view was excellent, but here the restaurants were real rip-off.

And the menu was rather poor.

Once we sat at a table, but after seeing the menu, we stood up and went out.

After that, we came across a restaurant called Nico’s, which is on a street without any view.

But all the foods we had, ie Saganaki, grilled octopus, grilled squid, and so on were wonderful.

And the price was not too bad.

If you look closely, you can find some satisfactory restaurants even in Mykonos.

Very satisfied, we finished our full holiday in Greece.

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