Power of Uniqlo

Power of Uniqlo

When we walked around the town of Mykonos, I saw one Oriental woman wearing exacly the same Uniqlo T-shirts I was wearing on the day at a distance.

I can understand that if this happens in London or in Paris where Uniqlo shops are, but in Mykonos in Greece

I couldn’t believe it! This style of T-shirts have several different colours, but she was wearing the one of the same colour as mine.

I do not know if she noticed me, but I walked quickly away from that spot.

I told this to my mum later.

She said ” I would have gone up to her and taken a photo together”.

The town of Mykonos, also called Hora, is really pretty.

On the small hill behind the town, there are some old windmills and the white town itself is like a maze.

But there are some international brand shops and posh looking bars and restaurants mainly for cruise ship tourists, which spoils the atmosphere.

The museums are not open until evening.

This town is mainly for people spending the daytime on the beach and coming to the town at night, so it was more crowded at night.

[ Sept.2013 ]