It was Rainy in Jiufen Again

It was Rainy in Jiufen Again

[ May, 2015 ] This time in Taiwan, we went to Jiufen again.

When we went there last time, it was already dark and the light of the lanterns was lovely, but this time it was in the day time.

It was raining again.

Well, this time in Taiwan, we had a lot of rain, anyway.

The reason why they call it Jiufen is as we learned before, but I did not know how they found the gold there.

Apparently, when Japan was ruling Taiwan, the government decided to build the railway here.

The railway construction workers washed their lunch boxes in the river and something shiny was stuck on the boxes.

That was how they found the gold.

When Mr.Kou, our guide, told us about this, he added that the Japanese government set up the infrastructure in Taiwan, so Taiwanese people are thankful to Japan.

I wondered if it is true and I hoped that it is true.

We had lunch in Jiufen in the same restaurant as before.

We sat by the window to see the view, which would have been amazing if it was a sunny day.

I want to hear from someone who has experienced sunny Jiufen.