The things you see a lot in Taiwan

The things you see a lot in Taiwan


2012] I have already told you that there are numerous places to eat in Taiwan.

Another thing you see a lot in this country is scooters.

I had thought the biggest scooter country was Italy, but I was wrong.

The way they run in the streets looks like the bicycles running in China in 1990s ( I wonder how it is now in China…).

When I searched online, I found that there is one scooter per 1.8 persons in Taiwan.

By the way, Taiwan is big in world bicycles industry, too.

I did not know, but the Taiwanese bicycle maker, Giant is one of the top in high-end market.

Also in Taipei, there are innumerable taxis.

They charge very reasonable fare, so I used it quite a few times.

Our guide told us to choose the taxis with newer cars.

Taxis stand out in the streets because they are yellow.

That reminds me of the ones in Istanbul, which are yellow, too.

Of course the ones in NY are yellow as well.

I just had a look and found that Chicago is said to be the original place for yellow taxis.

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