Surprised to see so many people

Surprised to see so many people

[ Dec.2012] We went to Taipei’s historical temple, Longshan Temple.

At first I thought some special thing must have been going on, because there were so many people there.

Majority was women.

According to the leaflet, it was founded in 1738 and completed in 1740, but after that repaired many times.

It is dedicated to Guanyin, the Buddhist Goddess, which means this is a Buddhist temple, but the atmosphere was totally different from Japanese ones and it was very lively.

The smoke coming from incense sticks were so strong that I felt smoky there.

On top of Guanyin Goddes, they worship Matsu, a Taoism goddess who protects sea voyage there.

Taiwanese people do not mind worshiping several different religions at one place apparently.

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