The last fortress of Mussolini

The last fortress of Mussolini

[September, 2012] A friend of mine visited me and we went to Lake Garda together.

This time we went to the west side of the lake and had a lunch at Salò.

This is another holiday destination with relaxed mood as other towns along the lake, but this is a town where Mussolini built a state called The Italian Social Republic at the later stage of WW2.

After  the Allied landed in Italy, he was arrested but German troops rescued him, so he built this new government here.

Japan and Germany accepted this new country, but not others.

And when Germany lost the war, this small state finished as well.

The leaflet from tourist office does not say much about this event, though.

By the way, I do not know if this is connected or not, but there are lots of German people at Lake Garda.

They lake having holiday here.

So much so that the names of hotels and restaurants are often sounded like German.