Carnival is a serious matter

Carnival is a serious matter

[ Feb.2013 ] On the day when we were in Marsaxlokk in Malta, the Carnival event started around noon.

In the square in front of the main church, groups of dressed up children started dancing.

From the young ones around 4 year old up to teens, one group was around 20 children.

You can see the result of their efforts practicing every day in  a dancing school.

The costumes were gorgeous, showing their parents’ efforts, too.

After seeing a few performances, we went to eat my lunch and after lunch I was surprised to see that the performances were still going on.

I do not know if these children are from all over the country or just around this region, but anyway, I do not think they have the problem of declining birth rates in Malta.

We did not see any parade of Carnival during our stay, but saw a lot of dressed up people, adult as well as children.

I could see that how enthusiastic they all were.

Carnival must be one of the most important events of the year.

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