A town with a lot of slopes

A town with a lot of slopes

[ Feb.2013] We came to Malta’s capital city, Valletta.

This city is listed as the World Heritage and the streets are like a grid.

The straight streets are slopes.

Valletta is much bigger than Mdina, which used to be a capital before Valletta, and there are many chain stores you see everywhere in the world, but if you think that this is a capital city of one nation, it is surprisingly small.

We walked in the main Republic Street all the way down to the Fort St.Elmos.

By the way, we went there by bus from Mdina where we were staying.

The bus is run by a company called Arriva, which operates in many cities in Europe, and the bus itself was ordinary–or the ones which used to be used in London.

When I came to Malta for the first time, 12 or 13 years ago, the buses there were fantastically pretty.

They were very old fashioned with striking orange colour.

I suppose they had a lot of problems using old buses, but at least they could have kept the colour…..

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