Crossing to Gozo by the ferry

Crossing to Gozo by the ferry

[ Feb.

2013] I went over to Gozo, the sencond island of Malta.

Before my travelling to Malta, I had read somewhere that there was a helicopter service between the islands.

I was looking forward to it, but according to the information officer, ' they stopped operating, because not many people use them.

Because the ferry is so cheap'.

That is a shame…

Yes, the ferry was very cheap.

It was only 4.65 euros for return.

In the ferry, I met a sales person for the hop on, hop off sightseeing bus.

I used this kind of bus many times before, so I got a discounted ticket from him.

But in conclusion, it was a mistake.

To use this bus to look around the island, you need to plan in advance in detail, checking their timetable and where you want to go.

This time, I was too relaxed, and in the end, I had to run to the last bus for the day and had to be in the bus for a long time.