Oyukake Benzaiten

Oyukake Benzaiten

[ Dec.2013 ] When you wish something and pour hot water from the hot spring on to the statue of Benzaiten (Hindu Goddes) in Izu Atagawa, your dream will come true.

That is what they say at this little shrine called Oyukake Benzaiten.

The reason was written on the board there.

When the owner of this land was a captain of a commercial ship, the Goddes Benzaiten appeared in his dream and told him ” Dig this land in Atagawa, then you will find a rich hot spring and make a statue of me.

When you pour the water on to me, the land will prosper and all the wishes will come true”.

So, he gave up the sea and dug here.

Then surely the hot water of 100 degree was spouted out from 200m below the surface.

But this captain died before making a statue.

When the volunteers made the statue was only in July 1985.

It did not say when the Goddess told him to do this, but I just felt suspicious about this captain.