Dance of Geisha

Dance of Geisha

[ Aug.2014 ] In Atami in Japan, we had a chance to see dances of Geisha.

It was held in a place which has got a long name: Atami Geigi Kenban Kaburenjo, which is originally a Geisha’s  dance training place.

They have been open to the public since 1998.

As my family had booked the place in advance, we got the front row seats.

I do not have any knowledge on Japanese dancing, so I could not tell how good they were, or which point to look at and so on, but at least I was attracted by how well they dressed in kimono.

We enjoyed thoroughly, thought there was one moment when the singing and shamisen (Japanese string instrument) did not match.

After the stage, they came down to the auditorium and we could take photos with them.

Apparently there are about 150 geishas in Atami.

And Atami is the town which has the most geishas in Japan.

But until about 50 years ago, the number was 1000 and now it is getting less and less.

They say that to become a respectable geisha it takes at least 10 years, so it does not fit to the current society which is generally impatient.

Looking at them, I thought that they were living in a different world….

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